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BisYougee is the first business consulting that uses ancient scientific techniques to provide you with more factual guidance to run the show. Our business consulting services are a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. The team has more than ten years of wisdom and exposure to fortune five hundred. Our traditional scientific techniques would change your perspective in the fast-changing world to achieve more. Let's begin to scale and speed up your path towards success and profit.

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Solutions At The Speed Of Light

Our global business consulting services bring you closer to what you love. Expect more from your business consulting partner.

Startup & Small Business Consulting Services

We would find the missing piece in your start-up and small business, re-engineer the process - across strategy, design, content, marketing, technology, industry knowledge, anything in between and provide insight with a solution that scales your business.

Reimagine Process To Accelerate Transformation

Whether you are at the startup  pre-seed stage, seed stage, early stage, growth stage, or expansion stage, Our startup and small business consulting services empower you and your business with practical fixes. 

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Marketing & Sales Consulting Services

Is your business enabling exceptional customer experience? Many brands carry out that vision to deliver but very few live up to it. Our marketing consulting services build a strategic business ecosystem that connects data to design, and metrics to story to tell for personalized customers experience.

Sales In The Digital Era Powered By Relation

Our digital marketing and sales consulting services uncover your customer life cycle metrics i.e., products, and services awareness, acquisition, conversion, retention, advocacy, that help you to scale up your brand.

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Web Design Consulting Services

You may have stumbled upon many lucrative offers on the internet for websites and social media designs such as getting dynamic, modern, 4K, multimedia and the list could go on. But the question is what’s your business needs. Well, designs without conversion copy are like a car without gas.

Conversion Focused Web Design

A conversion-focused copy with a modern web design is similar to tasty food with presentable plating that enhances its aesthetic. It's not just a buzzword. It improves customer journey and drives sales.

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—Meet your business Guide

Business Consultant, Sales Mentor, Motivational Speaker, & Life Coach

My purpose to bring BisYougee into existence is to spread enlightenment that uplifts you to new heights.

As a lifelong learner with an insatiable desire to learn, I despite have a humble beginning. While working my way up I got many opportunities to work for five hundred fortune companies i.e. IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Virgin Media, and many more. The exposure under my belt to different types of business domains, verticals, and all walks of life has given me invaluable insight and led me to live my legacy.

At BisYougee business consulting services, I walk you through from crafting your business plan, formulation of the brand message, enabling responsive designs, marketing strategies, business policies, new product launch,  sales, products or services management, anything in between that distinguish your brand from others and set up the solid foundation that leads you towards your future growth.

Let us work together and bring the difference in business yet in peoples’ lives...

Business Consultant, Sales Mentor, Motivational Speaker, & Life Coach

Business Consulting Services
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See how our business consulting services help to launch a new business, lead through digital transformation, building and manage products and services.

"Vanessa your business course helped me do everything. Folks she also teach me how to do it on my own. I’m really impressed with the ease and asking extra questions and identifying issues that i have never spotted. What is so unique and impressive is that Bisyougee business consulting is interested in your overall well-being. After so many worst experiences i am able to start my own consulting business. Thank you, Vanessa."
Founder & CEO
"Bisyougee business consulting services helped us to change our thought process we have at our organization. Their willingness to precisely understand our business model before any recommendation stood out. Pleased to know we have found our true business consulting partner."
Director, Analytics & Security Company
"Top notch. We would definitely revisit you, Vanessa. You are a reliable partner with a strategic approach to our business. Their business consulting solutions can give you the best results and accurate reports to improve what you’re looking for. We're grateful to have you our business consulting partner who feels like an extension of our team."
Executive & Operations Assistant, Beauty & Cosmetics Company
"We can easily see the care that she has for our products and our relationship. The website is error-free, and we’ve started enjoying more qualified traffic. The production has increased and I don’t think there’s anything they can improve in their consulting business — we had such a fun time with them. The communication, transparency, and knowledge of Google and SEO set their business consulting apart."
Sr. Brand Manager for Food Products
Shape Your Idea

Business Coaching Services

In the decades to come, digital becomes first and foremost for modern business. During a global pandemic forge new ways and stay ahead in the game with your business consulting partner and create your world of success.

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Deliver Practical Solutions To Entrepreneurs, Worldwide

Let's re-envision the strategy and change the game.

We understand your pain while searching for an ideal consultant. A business consultant who’s reliable, honest, and driven towards mutual success. We know that every entity is different and demands differently. You don’t have the same set of problems that others may have. That, needs special attention, support, and an authentic road map. 

At BisYougee, we work in accordance with your business needs and walk you through a step-by-step customized roadmap, and set you up on board with growth.

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You will get your money’s worth or certainly get your money back. We honor our commitment because we value our relationship with you.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Startup Business Consulting Services - Start & Grow
Bisyougee Startup and Small business consulting, unlike other consulting firms, use broad approach using traditional scientific techniques to determine your favorable business or product name, dates, business niche, product or service, communication channel that make your business profitable. BisYougee can help you at any stage of startup to turn your dream into reality.
Marketing Consulting Services - Spread Brand Awareness
Our marketing consulting services put real and direct research to shed light on culture, communication, society, and behavior pattern of consumers to perform market context and consumer life cycle analysis to change the game in the new digital era.
Website Design Consulting Services - Design that sell
Design is no longer seen as just crafting your needs. Unlike other firms we don't only promise beautiful, dynamic web designs yet we deliver each piece of design with content that fuel your relation to enhance customer experience for greater ROI.
Sales Consulting Services- Copy powered by emotions
Many instances where your product or service able to relieve consumers pain points. However, you or your sales people unable to convey it. BisYougee sales consulting services help you with sales script to handle consumer's objections and bend over backwards to drive business forward. Moreover, BisYougee provide you with complete sales suite to maximize revenue and manage customer relation.
Manage - Full Support You need
Start to finish, BisYougee would become a pillar of force you need either frontend or backend (i.e. tools, payment solutions, Internet of things, IT, and much more) to run, grow, and overcome situations attempting to derail your business’ pursuit of success. In addition, we have formed partnerships with leading organizations to provide you with a world-class complete solution package. That, you can do your business anywhere in the world or on the go without any hassle.
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