Don’t struggle in Life! Find Your Niche Quiz Questions – Easy to Follow Directions

Don't exert yourself! Find Your Niche in Life with Simple Quiz Questions

Everyone in your family and connections has an opinion about what you should do next in your life within the timeframe set by social norms (i.e., becoming an engineer, or doctor, earning a degree till 25, getting married before 28, having a baby before 30 or 35, and so on). And when you lack clarity, you feel stuck, confused, and depressed. 

So be at ease, you are not alone. It happens to most people at one point. And I don’t want you to stay in the same situation for too long. Because I understand how it feels to be driving and has no idea where you are heading.  

To begin, let us understand what does niche means

The term “niche” refers to your area of expertise or specialty. A niche is what drives you toward a successful and harmonious existence. Your work should reflect your wisdom, which only you can bring to the table. you are authentic, and you have your specialty. And the purpose of finding your niche in life or business is to lead you toward your life’s purpose or goal.

Since we’re born with a completely different timeline.  We have something special within us. And, just because something works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you. But we often engage in competition and comparison with others. And that could cause us to compromise our fate. So you need to exercise wisdom to find your niche in life.

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The Find Your Niche quiz has the following step-by-step questions.

Include as many answers as you can in your list. Listen to your gut, and let your intuition guide you through.

And, Answer the quiz questions - as if no one is listening.


Question Number 1. Which skills do you possess? 

Hint: List the expertise that makes you special. It’s our true potential. We were born with it.  Maybe you have expertise in housework, gardening, art, singing, craft, telling stories, making others laugh, fitness and exercise, cooking, reading, traveling, sports, crafts, caring for animals, math, science, finance, and other subjects. Being honest with yourself will help you find your niche. Additionally, you can inquire with your loved ones or connections about “what authentic they find in you.” 

Feedback is always feedback. You can choose to accept it or not - it is your call.


Question Number 2. What’s your passion?  

Hint: For you, this is the bottleneck to finding your niche. You simply love pursuing it. if you have a passion for the above-mentioned skills. Along with many other activities, you can add them to your list of passions. 


Question Number 3. Mention the activities in which you engaged frequently, it helps the process to find your niche.

Hint: What would you be doing every day if success and money weren’t a concern? Or what you frequently find yourself doing as soon as you have time away from all of your everyday tasks or activities.


Question Number 4. What are your interests?

Hint: When you observe or listen to the activities, something tickles your curiosity, but whether you decide to pursue it or not is another story. Perhaps you decide not to participate because you lack the necessary time or skill/s.

So, The activities you find interesting should be added to the list you have made using the four questions described above to help you find your niche in life.


Question Number 5. Your Dream, Your Inner Voice

Hint: It is a challenge for you: Be honest with yourself while asking, “What is my dream in life?” or “Where do I envision myself at the end of the tunnel?” The key to finding your niche is to rely on your gut.

Now that we have a list of potential niches.

You must rank them on a scale of 1 to 10, based on how well they meet the metrics listed below- to find your niche and establish a prosperous existence.

 Values-  You possess authentic values since you are who you say you are. You must determine which activity requires the values you uphold. For instance, one of your activities demands spirituality, yet you lack it. Or you could need to seem calm, but you act aggressively, or the other way around. Core values are principles or beliefs that you uphold. Your core values reflect your true self because they guide both your personal and professional decisions. 

And finding your niche is a process of finding your true self. Your inner voice determines whether you care about anything or not in this world. Your guiding principles will always be there for you even when everything around you is shifting, the world is confusing, and your emotions are riding high and low. 

Some key values examples are listed below to help you in the course of finding your niche, however, your inner voice will guide you in deciding whether the values your profession demands are the ones you uphold. 

  • Service  
  • Calmness 
  • Compassion 
  • Creativity 
  • Discipline   
  • Empathy 
  • Gratitude  
  • Leadership 
  • Love
  •  Peace 
  • Purpose
  • Responsibility
  • Spirituality
  •  Understanding  


Skills – The second step to shortlisting your niche in life is to determine the skill you require to pursue the line of workTake the beauty and makeup niche, for instance. Do you then possess the necessary skills to pursue it? (For example, an understanding of cosmetics, the chemicals used in the cosmetics, the suitability of colors, diverse formulas for different age groups, and more) 



Do Differently, Impact lives

 Moving forward, you must narrow down your niche list based on your ability to make a difference in people’s lives.

You will still be in the game if you copy others; however, if you do the same thing differently, you will be at the top of the game. 

Using market gap analysis, conduct market research to identify the areas where your expertise or specialty can close the gap and make a difference in people’s lives. This is the most effective metric to find your niche. 


Being Happy –  What we work for ultimately doesn’t make us happy and is worthless. When we are happy and fulfilled, it doesn’t matter if we ended up working for eight, ten, or twelve hours, or six or seven days.  The true calling of our soul would be to do the work that makes us fulfilled. 

After considering all the metrics, your values, skills, and authenticity, you must heed your inner call-in order to find your niche in life. And, when you are immersed in something, that nothing else is important, You give it your all and make yourself happy within.


Profitable Margin –   Finding or choosing the profitable niche from the remaining options requires product or service development analysis. It would forecast the revenue you will generate from your offerings. We all need money in the modern world. 

While others give equal weightage to all metrics, including profit margin, some people emphasize values, skills, and helping others more than profit margin. It is up to you how much weightage you assign to the metrics mentioned above 

This will enable you to shortlist or find your niche based on your anticipations and your offering’s market value. As a result, you can create your offering, product, or service, regardless of whether you’re starting a small business, a freelance business, or a start-up.  

Money can buy anything, we want, but not necessarily what we need - Be Wise!


Upon considering all the above-discussed metrics, if you still have a few that rank similarly, you can choose which one to prioritize first, second, and so forth. 

IKIGAI for Business

Additionally, I'd like to share an IKIGAI, which is a Japanese theory, "Reason for Being."

IKIGAI concepts might give you more clarity while brainstorming to find your life's purpose and niche.


You love what you are good at can be your passion. However, due to other missing necessary aspects to live your purpose, you constantly feel useless. 


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You are getting paid for what you are good at, which is your profession. Though, you feel comfortable however feeling of emptiness always remains present. 


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You get paid for what the world needs which is your vocation. Excitement and complacency are there. But, There is still some uncertainty, though.



You love doing what the world needs becomes your mission. You feel delighted however you don’t get paid for your work. As a result, no wealth.   



In other words, according to the IKIGAI concept, when you love what you are good at and get paid for it at the same time. Also, this is what the world needs, that becomes your mission, you are living your life’s purpose. 

I do, agree with the concept, however, there is another aspect to it. You could also wonder why it’s important to find your niche in life. What is the relationship between purpose and niche? So, allow me to shed some light so that you can gain insight into the importance of your life’s purpose and niche. 

Upon considering all the above-discussed requirements, if you still have a few that rank similarly, you can choose which one to prioritize first, second, and so forth. 


Your Niche brings you closer to fulfilling your Life's Purpose. I'll give you an example to shed some light and make things clearer

  • A 20-year-old individual was employed as a seller of smart TVs. 
  • At age 25, they quit their job and launched a gaming-related blog. 
  • And started a business to sell gaming devices internationally when turned 35. 
  • When turned 50 entered politics and later spent the rest of their life helping underprivileged kids for their future growth. 

 Their purpose in life was to rise to the position of leadership so they could help underprivileged children. You might be wondering how niche impacted their life, though. Well, One needs a wide range of skills to succeed as a leader including leadership, selling, writing, and interpersonal skills. 

So, if you understand, they played a variety of roles or were part of a variety of niches throughout their timeline. I hope you understand that your niche cannot remain the same throughout your entire life. That may shift as time passes over. Since your niche, the driving force, helps you to connect to your life’s purpose— Therefore, no matter what action you take in life—from waking up to even doing little things—deep down, your soul is still at work, urging you toward your purpose.  

Since you’ve narrowed down your niche options. Start with one which got a higher score and keep the list with you. Edit from time to time. the other may be persuaded at the right time, at the right position, and with the proper resources.   

You must realise that you are authentic, have a unique area of expertiseIf something works for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you as well. Find your special or your niche instead of focusing on the outside world. Spending too much time trying to be someone else or trying to impress others can harm your true potential or destiny. Many people find that uncertainty and toxicity prevent them from achieving their life’s purpose. Therefore, you must distance yourself from anything and everyone that is toxic and unnecessary. Pay attention to your inner voice. that you’ll be able to find your niche and achieve success, wealth, and prosperity in life. 


Let's Wrap up

I hope that may have given you some clarity. The process involves time! Examine the possible causes if something is holding you back. Include the blog in your reading list. You might get a different impression if you read it again. Once you identify the underlying issue, find possible solutions

Always keep in mind, Your niche functions as a driving force that leads you toward the true purpose you were born with. Also, your niche may shift throughout your life, much like the way you change the road to reach your destination. However, it’s a different tale, though, at some time in your life, you may choose your niche willingly based on your interests and other factors, and at some moment, it may be imposed upon you by your circumstances. 

However, bear in mind that always listen to your inner call. We all have our timelines. And if something is working for others, it’s not necessary that would work for you as well. You are authentic, and you have your specialSo, be flexible, find your place in this dynamic world, and leave a lasting impression 


Vanessa Arora


Vanessa is the founder of BisYougee. She earned a master's degree in business administration and worked for 500 Fortune companies. she loves writing about business, her life experiences, learning, and exposure to the outside world to support entities, both personally and professionally, in achieving more in their undertakings.