Company Name Numerology – Game of Numbers & Alphabets

Are you thinking about naming or changing your business name? Before you go through with that decision, Let’s explore the origin of numerology. Numerology is an ancient science that studies numbers. It has been practiced for centuries, and there are numerous ideologies, each with their own interpretations and methods. Some believe it reveals a person’s true meaning, while others use it to discover what they are good at or what they can do to improve their lives. In the business world, numerology can be used to help you find the perfect name.

The number behind the name of your business or company will affect everything from customer perception to its product , service, or stock price, so it’s important to make sure that the number makes sense before you select it as the name of your business. 

Here’s what you need to know about business name numerology so that you can create a strong brand with the power of numbers behind it.


Let's Understand the Fundamentals of Numerology in Our Personal & Business lives

When you were born, the first thing that your parents did, was to name you. Names are very important in our lives because they give us a sense of identity and make us feel special.

We tend to think that names are just arbitrary symbols, but they actually have a powerful effect on our lives and can make all the difference when it comes to who we are and how we function within society.

Every day, our lives are impacted in a profound way by the names we use. Your name is more than just a combination of letters and words. It represents who you are and what people think of you.

Whether we accept it or not, the power of numbers, vibration, and vowels does make a difference. Think about the names of your customers, employees, family, friends and their impact. Doesn’t it change the aura around you when you take their names?  either positive or negative, that’s a different tale!  

Let's Dive in to Learn How Business Name Numerology Work

When it comes to business, name makes a difference. Your business name can be the foundation of your brand, and it is important that you choose one that reflects your business in the best way possible.

It’s a way to ensure that your business name has a purpose and is beneficial for the success of the company. Pythagorean numerology is one of the most popular methods of analyzing names, based on letters and their corresponding numbers: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6…Z = 26

Name is a powerful tool for your business. It should reflect the values and goals of your company in an appealing way. That, creates a brand image and build trust in your customers.


There's a Meaning Behind a Company Name based on Person's Birth Date

if you’re starting a business based on your name, the second most effective way is worth considering how your date of birth affects your personal qualities. Your date of birth can tell you about your interests, personality and potential. Understanding these qualities will help you think about the type of business name that would best suit you. For example, someone born on October 31st may want to consider names such as All Hollow’s Eve or Halloween. This person may enjoy being around  secrecy or scary stories and could find success with a business related to those things.

The numerology of your business name is very important. There are some numbers that are considered lucky and others that are considered unlucky in business. In fact, there is an entire book written about the different combinations of numbers and their meanings. The book is called Numerology for the Businessperson by Yolanda St. John.

Your business name is a reflection of you as a person, so it makes sense that they would have an effect on your success at work. Your name can represent the qualities you want to bring to your company such as honesty or strength, or it can reflect the qualities you want to avoid such as greed or laziness.

In addition to numerology, it’s important to consider how the name sounds when spoken aloud. Is it easy for people to pronounce? Does it sound like something people would want to use? Does it make sense for your brand image? And lastly, does it have any emotional resonance with customers? Everything can be calculated with the help of your birth details. Since your birth details make you unique, what makes other people successful won’t make you successful. As a result, identifying the key driver for your company can help you manifest business success and profit.

Crafting a Business or Company or product Name, The expert always use these 3 Key Considerations to Manifest Profit & Success

You probably say – 

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet.” - Shakespeare Said

The magic word "OM" or "AUM" does, however, have power that we cannot deny

 The “OM or AUM” has unique vibration and is considered to be the sound of the cosmos. It is said that by repeating this sound, you can improve your consciousness, balance your energies, and heal both you and those around you. As a matter of fact, it has been known since the beginning of time that sound, numbers, and planets have power.

When you start to consider a business name, it may not seem so important what that name sounds like or how it feels in your mouth when you say it. But this all becomes very important when you think about what kind of energy resonance you are sending out into the world every time someone hears or sees your name.

Believe it or not ! It Does exist.

Let's Wrap up

Numerology and other elements play a significant role in manifesting business success and profit for your company. While getting to know your customers better than anyone else is crucial, don’t overlook it. It can be challenging to come up with the ideal name for your business or company. Particularly, if you’re trying to think of something catchy, memorable, and that captures the essence of what your business does. Additionally, If you’re considering a unique business name, make sure there won’t be any problems if you want to trademark it locally or make it global. Also, Verify that the web domain is available and that all other necessary steps have been taken before making a final choice.

You Business Name would bring your personality and traits in the world and set you apart in your preferred niche market. Ancient math and calculations can measure each aspects of your life  and offer direction to pursue our business purpose.

I wish your business has a great success and profits.



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