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We understand your pain while searching for an ideal consultant. A business consultant who’s reliable, honest, and driven towards mutual success. We know that every entity is different and demands differently. You don’t have the same set of problems that others may have. That, needs special attention, support, and an authentic road map. 

At BisYougee, we work in accordance with your business needs and walk you through a step-by-step customized roadmap, and set you up on board with growth.

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Startup - create & build brand
At Bisyougee business consulting, unlike other consulting firms, we use broad approach using traditional scientific techniques to determine your favorable business or product name, dates, business niche, product or service, communication channel that make your business profitable. Bisyougee can help you at any stage of startup to turn your dream into reality.
Market - product or service marketing
Our business consulting services put real and direct research to shed light on culture, communication, society, and behavior pattern of consumers to perform market context and consumer life cycle analysis to change the game in the new digital era.
design - web design that sell
Design is no longer seen as just crafting your needs. Unlike other firms we don't only promise beautiful, dynamic web designs ( website or ecommerce or social posts ) yet we deliver each piece of design with content that fuel your relation to enhance customer experience for greater ROI.
Sales - Copy powered by emotions
Many instances where your product or service able to relieve consumers pain points. However, you or your sales people unable to convey it. BisYougee consulting services help you with sales script to handle consumer's objections and bend over backwards to drive business forward. Moreover, BisYougee provide you with complete sales suite to maximize revenue and manage customer relation.
Manage - Full Support You need
Start to finish, BisYougee would become a pillar of force you need either frontend or backend (i.e. tools, payment solutions, Internet of things, IT, and much more) to run, grow, and overcome situations attempting to derail your business’ pursuit of success. In addition, we have formed partnerships with leading organizations to provide you with a world-class complete solution package. That, you can do your business anywhere in the world or on the go without any hassle.

Gone are the days of being in queue for long time, listening to recorded machines (IVR), unsure about the benefits of products and services while making purchase.

At BisYougee, receive expert insights straight to your social channels feed where you like to spend your time.  Learn more about products and  services, users words of mouth, exciting offers, and discounts. Moreover, the support you need.

Let us build our social family and help each other to live their legacy. Receive  updates on products and services, attend workshops when required, gain knowledge and become self reliant. So, what you are waiting for, become a part of like-minded people that help you to  grow your business online.

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