I visualize a world where we must accept each other as we are and lend a hand to fulfil one another's soul journey


—I am glad you made it here!

My purpose to bring BisYougee into existence is to spread enlightenment that uplifts you to new heights.

As a lifelong learner with an insatiable desire to learn, I despite have a humble beginning. While working my way up I got many opportunities to work for five hundred fortune companies i.e. IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Virgin Media, and many more. The exposure under my belt to different types of business domains, verticals and all walk of life has given invaluable insight and leads me to live my legacy.

At BisYougee business consulting services, I walk you through from crafting your business plan, formulation of the brand message, enabling responsive designs, marketing strategies, business policies, new product launch,  sales, products or services management, anything in between that distinguish your brand from others and set up the solid foundation that leads you towards your future growth.

Let us work together and bring the difference in business yet in peoples’ lives.

-Vanessa Arora
Business Consultant, Sales Mentor, Motivational Speaker, & Life Coach
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Let us figure out what's obstructing your overall growth and design your success path.

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Start, run, and grow your business in the new digital era. Learn and achieve your business or personal brand goal with practical fixes.

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What's missing in your startup or small business? Let's find the missing peace, build wealth and success.


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Don't search for a job, Create jobs.
- Become Self Reliant

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, coach, content creator, kidpreneur, influencer, artist, home maker or anyone who wants to find their purpose and build wealth, get deep insight to begin. I believe – it’s never too late and never too early – Age doesn’t matter. 

# WomenInAction

- When more women work, economic grow

According to UN Women, “empowering women and the closing gender gap in the world of work is key to achieving 2030 agenda”. 

However, do women truly need empowerment? In my opinion- NO, women must take action.

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One of a kind service that you hardly get anywhere else. We would set you on board of success using factual insight driven by ancient calculation methods based on your birth details, astrology and numerology.

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I see business opportunities in any work.

You are authentic. So do your life purpose.  Your business is a reflection of your passion or purpose that only you can bring to the table. And, of course, you can run a successful business; it’s just about taping on to your authentic power. 

 Whether the obstruction comes from – own mental limitations, family, partner, resources, whatsoever – you name it. Let’s talk and build a roadmap and manifest success in your life.


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