Business & Brand Name with Free Logo, & Website Domain : Based on Industry & Niche – Driven by Numerology, & Astrology

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Business & Brand Name with Free Logo, & Website Domain : Based on Industry & Niche – Driven by Numerology, & Astrology


  • Business Niche –  Foundation of your business name

Your niche brings your business to life.  Your business is a reflection of your passion or your authentic power that only you can bring to the table. That, as soon as someone calls your business name it feels as if it’s the extension of who you are and that would be the power of discovering a business name driven by your passion or niche. Moreover, we will ensure that your business name would be unique, catchy, creative, and easy to recall.

  • Business Name Numerology & Astrology

Ancient science (Astrology and Numerology) has an authentic power. You may have great products, services, and marketing strategies. However, the tactics would not bring results as it’s for the competitors- Does it sound familiar to you? The answers to all the problems lie under the umbrella of the universe (Astrology and Numerology), the science you cannot deny. It is the game of vibration, everything present in this universe has their own energy or vibration, whether it’s your child’s name or your business name, the vibration the name produce has a direct impact (features, strength, power, authority, etc) on the world. Get your business name alphabets, numbers, and vowels, right to make an unforgettable impact on your prospects, customers, and clients. And, of course, we all want to generate high revenue in business. Right? Therefore, we use the ancient science methodology to craft your business name, using birth details (astrology and numerology) that consist of the authentic power to benefits you in your overall business growth.

  • Industry Based Business Name

We never overlook the industry while crafting your business or brand name. Your business may serve industries like fashion, food, plant, farming, coaching, painting – you just name it. Nevertheless, the business or brand name that can complement the fashion industry on the contrary cannot compliment the food or coaching industry business. For example; Coca-Cola does compliment the beverage industry yet is discordant with the textile and apparel industry. Therefore, our specialized team ensures that business name suggestions should consider the industry type.

  • Audience Testing To Name a Business

The business name testing ensures that it resonates with your audience. Our four steps testing process would use NPS (net promoter score) to evaluate its efficiency. The evaluation process matrix considers many aspects, such as:

  1. Does the business name sound cool, catchy, creative, unique, and easy to pronounce?
  2. How well it is personalized that your audience feels a connection with your business name?
  3. How easy it is to remember?
  4. How well it impacts your audience that makes them invest in your business. (Mathematical calculation of letters and vowels in your business name to validate its first impression on the outer world.)
  • Business name generated by human intelligence

    (rather than artificial intelligence)

While humans use their consciousness, machines perform the tasks as they are programmed. Business name generator applications available on the internet are man-made intelligence. Human has the intelligence to understand emotions, consumer needs, and wants, on the contrary, business name generator websites generate random names either by adding some alphabets or using an internet database and can be easily forgettable. We need a name that sustains to create your story, rather than an emotionless software programming output.


We Want You To Know

You will receive the below-mentioned complimentary services with your purchase to take off your business at ease. (at no extra cost)

Brand Name  (if required)

People usually get confused between brand name and business name. Though it’s being used interchangeably however it signifies a different context. Business name is your company’s name whereas brand is your product or service. Let’s make you understand, Meta is an example of a business name whereas Facebook, Whatsapp, are the brand names.

Web Domain Registration (if required)

You will be provided the registered website domain name, free for the first year. It helps you to spread your brand awareness to the world without any hassle.

 Trademark Availability Check

Choosing and crafting a unique business or company name can give more sleepless nights than anything else. However, labeling a business or company name as yours is as important as crafting a name. Company name registration is also necessary to ensure its authenticity else it can be copied or taken off by other companies/founders as their own. Therefore, we will ensure its availability in your country or globally as you required.

Business partner compatibility check  (if required)

We came across many businesses fragile due to incorrect partner selection. And, we won’t let this happen to you. You focus on your business and our professional will take the responsibility to ensure your potential partner selection. And, certainly, it has no extra fees (using birth details we would check your compatibility with your business partner).

 Business Logo Elements Recommendation 

Finally, yet importantly, business logo elements (color, font, and other elements) recommendation, for your business. The logo is an important component of any business. Since it makes a business recognized, genuine, and authentic. We ought not to overlook it, yet provide the logo elements recommendation included in the package deal.



 Your birth details would tell the whole story of the universe at the time you were born. It helps to determine your life purpose and life path. Your life path leads you towards the life purpose that you were born to accomplish in this lifetime. You should choose your niche, favorable dates, and colors in your business based on your dignified planets. Those planets would support you in your journey of success. 

Have you ever noticed in cinema, actors, and actresses, editing or changing their whole name ( i.e. adding extra alphabets in the name)?  Are you aware of any batter using specific numbers in cricket? Why do schools or coaching brands mostly use yellow color in their branding? Well, it’s never being revealed. 

Two people in a similar business, yet one is talented whereas the other one is average. However, the talented one has an average income whereas the average one became rich and successful. Does it resemble your near and dear ones?

You are exercising your due diligence while using google, books, forums, social media – you name it.  You have to follow your own life path to fulfill your purpose. Nevertheless, copying other entities doesn’t help and it fails as result. Your business has to be your reflection. So, be smart! and change the game.  


Business Name Generator

Can we use artificial intelligence (a non-human machine or software) to generate a business name?

Our Suggestion is “NO”

  • Business names generator software doesn’t understand the emotions you have for your business. Your business is your dream that you want to live for a lifetime. You worked hard and sacrificed many years of your life for your dream to come true. That, cannot be named by names generator software.
  • There are many paid or free business name generator software available online. However, a business name generator software doesn’t look at insights to name your business. When you were born the universe above you had an authentic story. Now, you are about to give birth to your dream that would also have its own authentic story to tell. Then, why do you intend to use free software to name your business?
  • It’s a universal fact that our world is based on the power of numbers and planets. Every name drives from the alphabet.  Each letter of the alphabet that creates a name can determine the destiny of a business.  Those letters have definite numbers and vibrations to them. By applying mathematical calculations and traditional principles to generate your business name can attract more leads and revenue. That, uplifts you to have overall business success.
  • Letters and numbers all together have a deeper meaning to them. It indicates their purpose, qualities, strength, and much more. Your Business name is highly personalized likewise are your birth details. That, a business name generator software unable to deliver a personalized experience per your business needs. Let BisYougee expert generate your favorable business name to create your own story. At BisYougee, Our experts validate whether your business name would be favorable or not for you to manifest profit.

Nevertheless, Our team has more than fifteen years of experience in naming or editing business names. Let our specialized expert name your business that you achieve more.

Let’s Go! Take The First Step. Generate Your Business Name

  1. Business Name, highly personalized based upon your birth details, not just a combination of random letters
  2. Brand Name, product, or service name based upon a mathematical calculation to manifest revenue
  1. Domain Name, your web address to spread awareness of your business
  2. Brand Color, based upon the dignified planet, not just a random pick
  3. Logo elements, to showcase your identity, not just a favicon or icon
  4. And Business partner compatibility check, to lead the show

-All in one package, that you hardly get anywhere else.


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